Here at the Jeff Tabor Group we have been spending our days working out how best to serve our clients during the current health crisis, including keeping an ear to the ground for any information about how it’s effecting commercial tenants. Just this morning, our efforts paid off when we came across the Playbook one of the best commercial real estate law firms is now using in advising their landlord clients during this pandemic…very, very insightful.

Rick Mallory was a founding partner of Allen, Matkins and taught me everything I know about how to change a lease to protect a tenant…up to 75-80 changes…changes about which your typical transaction-focused broker does not have a clue, regrettably. I was also taught the “tricks of the trade” in terms of dealing with these landlords…which is currently translating into assisting a number of firms now in reducing their rent…and I am doing it all pro bono.

Please read the attached document to see how landlords are being advised in these uncertain times. Feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions regarding this Playbook, or any other questions whatsoever. We hope you and your family are staying safe.


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