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Jeff Tabor specializes in helping law firms renegotiate leases, find new office space, and manage all aspects of moving a law firm into a new space.

He is your ideal partner when it comes to negotiating a new commercial lease  or renewal.

Over the 35+ years he’s been in business, Jeff has represented more law firms than any one else in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach and San Diego areas and negotiated more favorable, below market terms into their commercial office leases.

He understands the individual needs and requirements of law firms and goes the extra mile to obtain multiple landlord concessions in terms of economic deal points, but also through extensive lease contract modifications.

Your tenacity, professionalism and fundamental grasp of lease contracts and of building operating expenses is unmatched by any of your colleagues…and I have run into many!"

— Brian D. Chase, Managing partner
1301 dove street
newport beach, california

We understand law firms.


Our years of experience in the industry have given us an expert level of understanding of leases, lease renewals and contracts.  Though his decades of experience, Jeff Tabor knows how to negotiate a lease that takes into consideration both the current and future needs of the law firm.

Weekend Access and After Hours HVAC

Attorneys work long hours, including weekends. We build the extra A/C and other after-hours usage into the contract.

Personal Guarantees

Not with the Jeff Tabor Group. We either negotiate this provision out of the contract completely, or severely limit its scope.

Flexible square footage and terms

Law firms are dynamic and are always expanding or contracting in terms of personnel and size. We structure law firm leases to help prevent unforeseen costs in case the firm grows unexpectedly or has to reduce its footprint.

Upscale Tenant Improvements

Many law firms have above standard tenant improvement requirements such as lobbies, conference rooms, built-in hardwoods, IT, and custom reception desks. We win our legal clients’ extra tenant improvement dollar concessions to pay for the tricked-out office space that our clients desire.

A commercial agent who understands contracts?

At the Jeff Tabor Group, our innate knowledge of contract law has been known to impress even the most seasoned attorney. In fact, Jeff Tabor was schooled in this regard by one of the best real estate attorneys in the country: Mr. Richard Mallory, formally of Allen, Makins, Leck, Gamble, Mallory & Natsis! When it comes to lease negotiation, we speak the same language you do.

The value and benefits that we bring to the table far surpass anything any other broker does. We guarantee it 100%!  We know the game inside and out, and this is why law firms hire us time and time again.

"I am confident in recommending that any law firm on the West Coast would be served well by placing you on it's short list of brokerage firms to interview." 
- Richard C. Mallory

We are relentless.

Get These Five Documents From Your Landlord Before you Sign

Without these five documents, you are putting your cash flow in jeopardy. Your landlord doesn't have to discose this information – unless you ask...


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Connect with the Jeff Tabor Group and get a free, no-obligation review of your lease contract and of your landlord’s building operating expense pass throughs. We will do this no matter when your lease expires.

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Services Provided

In addition to new site selections, lease renewals, negotiations, and extensive lease contract recommendations, the Jeff Tabor Group also provides the following bespoke services to all our legal clients:

  • Lease Analysis

  • Space Planning

  • Build-to-Suit Analysis

  • Appraisals

  • Improvement Remodeling

  • Property Profiles

  • Construction Management

  • Site Selection

  • Operating Expense Reviews



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We'll find you the perfect office space with the most favorable lease terms, as well the best lease renewal rate terms and conditions possible.

We provide a fully comprehensive package to assisting your law firm to get the most out of your lease.

This is one of the many reasons law firms use our services lease. We’ve received countless testimonials from dozens of top notch law firms.

Law firms that are particular about their space, want great terms and are skilled in negotiations choose Jeff Tabor Group to represent them.


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