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Los Angeles, Century City, Orange County, Long Beach and San Diego

We have over 35 years of experience helping businesses find great office space at favorable terms.

We've helped countless professional firms renegotiate their lease, negotiate a new lease and discover new office space in both Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach and San Diego.

Over the decades we’ve worked with many different professional firms such as insurance brokers, CPAs, and financial services firms, just to name a few. If you’re a professional firm looking for modern office space, you’re going to need more than a typical broker.

Unlike most other brokers, the Jeff Tabor Group works only with tenants in need of commercial office space, or on lease renewals.

That means that unlike at most larger brokerage firms, you can rest assured that we are looking out for your best interests – not doing deals on the side with your landlord.

With over 35 years of experience helping professional firms with their leases and commercial office space requirements, Jeff adds value far above and beyond what the traditional one dimensional, transaction-only  broker brings to the table.

He’s worked with countless professional firms over the years and knows what’s important and what to include in a lease. As a fellow business owner, Jeff understands how to create that outstanding lease value, and how to fully negotiate your lease contract.  After all: Your office lease represents your firm’s second highest line item expense, right?  Engage a real estate advisor who appreciates that more than any other…engage the Jeff Tabor Group.

“We interviewed ten companies for our important lease renewal assignment for over 18,000 square feet. Without a doubt, you carried the day!”

—Matthew Holbrook, Chief Operating Officer
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Free Lease Audit for Professional Service Firms

For no cost, we will provide you with a lease analysis that always winds up saving professional firms time and money. Allow us to invest 2-3 hours poring over your lease with a fine-tooth comb, looking for any modifications that could be made. We usually discover upwards of 80+ different ways the lease can be changed to the benefit of the client.

We offer this complimentary service because we've learned that once you see the value we provide, you’ll switch from your current broker -- and never look back. We 100% guarantee it!

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We understand the office needs of professional service firms

We're well-versed in handling lease negotiations and renegotiations for many different types of firms. Class A office space in modern high rises.

Expansion rights. Great amenities. These are the things we think about when we sit down at the negotiating table.

We help clients fully negotiate a protected lease which can limit the operating expense pass-throughs. Many companies don’t realize that the landlord has the legal right to relocate the tenant (at the cost of the landlord.) Jeff helps protect the sweet deals he gets his clients by negotiating that out of the agreement.

Services Provided

In addition to providing lease renewal and negotiations, we offer the following services to our clients, all at no charge:

  • Improvement Remodeling

  • Property Profiles

  • Construction Management

  • Site Selection

  • Operating Expense Reviews

  • Lease Analysis

  • Space Planning

  • Build-to-Suit Analysis

  • Appraisals

These services go well beyond what traditional brokers can offer their clients. Due to the fact we only represent tenants, we can fight for lease concessions at the negotiating table harder than any other brokerage firm. We have the best interests of our clients in mind at all times and works to ensure you get a fair deal.

With five offices in the greater Los Angeles area, Long Beach, Orange County and San Diego the Jeff Tabor Group is strategically located to best serve the needs of our clients. We are the go to experts in commercial real estate in Southern California – representing our client in finding their ideal office space.

Get These Five Documents From Your Landlord Before you Sign

Without these five documents, you are putting your cash flow in jeopardy. Your landlord doesn't have to discose this information – unless you ask...


Get a Free Lease Review

Connect with the Jeff Tabor Group and get a free, no-obligation review of your lease either before you sign it or even if you have years left on it!

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Client Success Stories

Econ One Research

The Chief Financial Officer of Econ One Research contacted my office as she had heard we were offering a free, no strings attached, lease analysis. They had a long term broker relationship but were casually interested in what recommendations we might have on their lease. We did not disappoint...

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Clark Construction

When I initially approached Clark Construction, they had approximately 14,000 square feet, 4 years left on their lease and in a long term broker relationship with Saville/Studley.

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Los Angeles Office Space | Silicon Beach Technology Company

Want to be in the heart of the action? We helped CLIQUE do exactly that...

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