San Diego Office Space

501 W. Broadway, San Diego, CA

We serve all of Southern California from our five office locations.


One of our key bases is located in San Diego.

San Diego class “A” office space is still in very high demand due to its limited inventory and high desirability.

Our San Diego office, strategically located in downtown San Diego, serves the entire metropolitan area. Unlike most brokerage firms, Jeff Tabor Group specializes in, and exclusively represents companies who need commercial real estate. We never create a conflict of interest by representing landlords. We have your it should be. 

Our San Diego team is comprised of seasoned commercial real estate veterans who know the market better than any competitor. 

If you’re in the market for commercial real estate in San Diego, you want someone who knows most of the landlords’ brokers personally and has done deals with nearly every class A building owner, you want the Jeff Tabor Group.

Jeff has decades of experience in helping law firms, tech firms, and other professional organizations find their ideal office space in and around the San Diego area.

An expert like Jeff can tell you the differences, benefits, and value of various building options throughout San Diego. 

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San Diego Location

501 W. Broadway, Suite 800
San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: 1 (619) 330-6400

Jeff Tabor's efforts set him apart.

We feel you have our best interests at heart in our negotiations. We trust that your fine work will bear fruit in the San Diego market and look forward to continuing our professional relationship when our lease issues arise. 

— Barry Ponticello, England Ponticello, st. clair, 

A tenant-centric broker who knows San Diego

A key to efficiently securing your ideal office space in San Diego is your own tenant-centric broker who is intimately familiar with the County’s 237 class “A” buildings. Jeff Tabor knows each of those buildings intimately.

...who knows San Diego landlords

A key to getting your best financial and tenant improvement deal in a San Diego class “A” building is your own tenant-centric broker with decades of experience in making deals with San Diego's office building’s landlords

Jeff Tabor has made deals with most of San Diego's office building landlords, knows most of their brokers personally, and has negotiated over a thousand office leases.

...who can protect you from unexpected costs.

A key to protecting your organization from increasing building maintenance, parking and tax costs during the term of your lease is your own extremely detail oriented broker who is a master of office lease terms.  Just like the landlords’ broker will start with pages of boiler plate provisions benefitting the landlord, Jeff Tabor comes equipped with nearly a hundred provisions he insists on for his clients.

... who can help you anticipate changes

Another key to protecting your organization from unexpected costs is your broker’s ability to foresee how the future of your organization’s office space needs may change, necessitating larger space, down sizing or renewing your lease.  Jeff Tabor has represented hundreds of his clients more than once, giving him hundreds of experiences of the long-term outlook to a lease for his clients.

San Diego commercial real estate expertise

The Jeff Tabor Group serves San Diego, CA clients from their office located in downtown San Diego at 501 W. Broadway.

No matter if you’re looking for a prestigious ocean view address, or prefer a lower-key environment, Jeff will help get your organization into the office or building that suits you best.

If you need >3,000 sq. ft. of class “A” office space in San Diego at very favorable terms, with long-term protection, as smoothly as possible, call San Diego's office tenant Superhero Broker, Jeff Tabor.


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